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Songs in Movies & TV

PETE has over 300 song placements in the movie industry that he has written, performed and produced.



PETE lands lead role in feature film "My Brother's Shoes".
Stay tuned for details.



PETE's highly anticipated record is currently in post-production.
Put your tray tables and seats in their upright position....and enjoy the ride.



PETE has appeared and starred in hit TV shows, commercials and Podcasts.


TEDx Talk

Watch the inspirational TEDx talk where PETE talks about his background and story.



Performing as a country artist has been a passion of PETE’s for many years. He has songs on the radio across the nation, and over 150 song placements in Hollywood. He’s a songwriter, a producer and performs with passion and enthusiasm, coupled with a never ending drive that has propelled him with success in the industry…and he’s just getting warmed up.


PETE is a well-rounded entertainer in both music and film. As an actor, PETE has had success with both TV and film starring and co-starring in major productions. He’s also found success doing voice over and scoring films.


Over the years, PETE has utilized and executed on cutting-edge technology as a tool to both create, and to enhance his entertaining experiences. To be an artist in the 21st century, being a “geek” definitely has it’s rewards as PETE has proven this time and time again.


Speaking to kids at schools, and doing talks around the country is a small part of what PETE does, but an important one. He promotes working hard, getting an education and his love for country music and film. He also sponsors and donates to worthy causes every year.

PETE has an amazing voice and sings with passion, and produces like a pro.

Robert K. Oermann of Music Row Magazine - Nashville, TN

PETE's live show is amazing! He's a must see!

Rick Bartalini of Rick Bartalini Presents

I have no doubt in my mind that PETE will take over Nashville and Hollywood!

Dwayne Blackwell - songwriter of "Friends in Low Places" among others

PETE is a recording artist destined for superstardom.

Chris Smith of the Press Democrat
“See If I Care” Beatbox

“See If I Care” Beatbox

Sinner & Saint Medley

Sinner & Saint Medley

“Santa Rosa” – Opening for Florida-Georgia Line

“Santa Rosa” – Opening for Florida-Georgia Line

Lamson Institute TV Spot

Lamson Institute TV Spot